At KPLR, we believe in simplifying the process of designing and furnishing your home. That’s why we offer a free planning service that will help you make your home project a breeze.

Book an Online Session

How does it work? It all starts with booking an online session with one of our KPLR interior experts. Once you’ve booked your session, our expert will guide you through the process of customizing and furnishing your ideal space.

Save Time and Energy

The main advantage of our planning service is the time and energy you save. There’s no need to travel or spend hours poring over catalogs. Instead, you can focus on the fun part: choosing designs and items that reflect your personal style.

Safe and Convenient

Best of all, our planning service is entirely online, so you can create your dream space from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Ready to get started on your home project? Book your session with a KPLR interior expert today and experience the difference our free planning service can make.

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