The Pallas open space kitchen is also a dream of functionality and excellent design combined. The island/bar combo solution separates the rooms and adds more seating area to the overall space. The backsplash tiling adds a pop of color to the overall
theme of the rooms combined giving the kitchen its character.

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Date : 2023

Welcome to Pallas, an open space kitchen that impeccably fuses functionality with exceptional design. Distinguished by an island/bar combo, this design not only separates the kitchen space but also provides additional seating, enhancing the room’s overall usability. With a backsplash tiling that adds a pop of color, the Pallas kitchen exudes a unique character that seamlessly ties into the overall theme of the room.

Design Concept

The Pallas kitchen showcases the beauty and practicality of open space designs. It capitalizes on the natural flow between spaces, ensuring both the kitchen and adjoining rooms harmoniously blend. The island/bar combo serves as a practical yet aesthetically pleasing centrepiece, enhancing the room’s functionality while maintaining an open, airy feel.

The Island/Bar Combo

The innovative island/bar combo is a standout feature in the Pallas kitchen. This design element not only provides an additional preparation area but also serves as an extra seating zone, contributing to the room’s versatility. Its strategic positioning creates a natural division between the kitchen and surrounding spaces, ensuring a smooth transition between different areas within the home.

Backsplash Tiling

Adding to the Pallas kitchen’s distinct character is the vibrant backsplash tiling. This design element brings a pop of color to the room, creating a focal point that enlivens the space. The splash of color perfectly complements the overall theme of the room, enhancing the kitchen’s character and adding a touch of charm.

The Pallas kitchen illustrates the seamless blend of functionality and design in open space living. With its unique features, such as the island/bar combo and vibrant backsplash tiling, this kitchen space radiates character and charm. Step into Pallas and experience the dream of functional, well-designed open space living.

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