This two-wall kitchen is a take on the modern feel of functionality and design. The two parallel sides include a preparation section and a cooking section to elevate the overall kitchen functionality and to give off a high finish in interior design.

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Date : 2023

Welcome to Aquila, an embodiment of the modern two-wall kitchen that flawlessly merges functionality with design. This well-curated space caters to those who value the union of practicality and aesthetics in their home.

Design Concept

Aquila’s design centers on maximizing kitchen functionality without compromising the visual appeal. By dividing the kitchen into two parallel sections for preparation and cooking, we’ve enhanced the workflow, resulting in a superior culinary experience.

Preparation Zone

The preparation zone is meticulously designed to provide ample countertop space, smartly positioned storage solutions, and convenient access to essential tools and ingredients. With everything within arm’s reach, the process of meal preparation becomes smooth and enjoyable.

Cooking Zone

The cooking zone houses state-of-the-art appliances, ensuring a safe and efficient environment for crafting delectable meals. The modern minimalist design infuses an element of sophistication to the space, making it a joy to cook and entertain in.

Materials and Finishes

Aquila is crafted using superior materials and finishes that contribute to its visual appeal while ensuring its durability. The mix of sleek surfaces, warm wood tones, and subtle accents creates a balanced, inviting atmosphere that seamlessly complements any home style.

The Aquila kitchen is a true representation of the power of thoughtful design in elevating everyday experiences. With its focus on functionality, style, and quality, this modern two-wall kitchen proves to be the perfect addition to any home seeking an efficient and visually appealing culinary space.

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